Rajiv, Callahan and Chuck are coming to visit.

After they supposedly land, I keep getting texts like, “Alright, almost there! Just a few more songs.” They must have stopped at the music festival in town. I get another one from Aaron: “Okay, seven more songs. Chuck has NEVER seen MK Ultra!” I realize they’re still in Toronto, since that’s where MK Ultra is playing today. I didn’t even know Aaron was joining them until he said they’d be late.

While I await their arrival, I get on “Jurassic Park: The Limited 3D ride” at the amusement park. Repartee is here, and Meg and I discuss long-form improv.

Me: “The almost-break is like saying, ‘The baseball player only stole home.’” The almost-break is the best part, when someone is about to take you out of the scene, is clearly having fun, but then brings it back to the reality of the scene. They’re about to lose it, but then comes back for the audience. Especially when it’s an important part of the story they’re creating, referencing something from am hour ago that’s perfectly relevant to finishing the scene in a meaningful way.

[Dreamor’s note: I wake up, then fall back asleep.]

I get another text from Rajiv saying they’re an hour away from the airport. I say, “I can come pick you guys up if you want,” but then I get distracted.
Mark calls me an hour later. He’s mad I’m not already there, and rightfully so. They get a cab instead. When they arrive, we either play Scrabble with Boggle blocks, or Boggle with Scrabble tiles.

The Almost-Break
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