Jonny Butler, who currently works at a public relations film, is being interviewed in the resort at which I work. I sneak into the room to watch and say hi. The interviewer asks me if I also want to sit in. I say, “Sure, but I’ll need a hat because my hair’s a mess. And I need water.”
Even though he hands me a hat and points to the water station, I skip the interview and head to the crowded lounge. A large fluffy puppy gets carried through this room and into the next one. All of the females, along with Dave Bridger and Tim Baker, rush to the other room to meet him. There is about forty people in total trying to fit through a regular door at the same time, everyone screaming like Bieber is in there or something. I take a sip of scotch and relax.

[Dreamor’s note: I needed the water in the dream and also in real life. Also, my dream brain noticed everyone “screaming like Bieber is in there”. Otherwise I would have went with “screaming and eager to meet the pup”.]

Pup Thirsty
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