It’s nighttime in December. Four lesser known members of N.W.A. appear to be in Shoppers together. It’s a bit cold in the store, and they’re waiting for medication so they all sit down on a long bench and stay close for warmth. There are Christmas decorations surrounding them, and the whole scene looks very odd and cute.
I hate doing it but eventually I ask if I can take a photo. They say of course. The camera doesn’t work because of a magnetic mesh set up behind them. Yella grabs my phone and leads us all to where we can get a better shot.
I apologize for putting them out, but he says, “Don’t worry about it. Happy to do it.” We end up outside, walking towards a busy road.
I say, “Never mind, I don’t really care,” and try to get my phone back.
One of them goes, “In a minute. We gotta hurry up and go meet someone over here.”
I ask where and he says, “Away from Shoppers,” at which point I finally accept that I’m getting robbed.
Three of them are further ahead. Yella takes out his gun. I quickly knock him out, and he hits his head off the concrete. I grab the gun and try to figure out how to use it before anyone else notices what has happened. There’s not enough time, so I shoot haphazardly, but only Nerf arrows come out. I keep shooting anyway, to buy myself time. It works, and I manage to run away into a nearby Dairy Queen.
Calmly, I inform the workers, “I’m getting robbed, and they have guns. Where can I hide? Please call 911.”
I climb into a bin above the grills but it’s way too small.
A worker says her boyfriend who is on his way will know what to do. He shows up and it’s Yella. We look at each other and both go, “Oh shit, it’s him.”

Gun Totes
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