Sadie is in town. She takes us all to dinner and suggests we go to KFC. I don’t have the heart to tell her there’s better restaurants.
After the meal I go to a Tom Petty show, and it’s pretty good but something is off.
At the end someone mentions how strange it is seeing the band play, so soon after Petty’s death, using a lookalike for a front man. My god, it’s not actually him. The lookalike looks more like a male Joni Mitchell. He does a decent job but, yeah, he’s no Tom.
Doug Jewer says he knew every song besides AM Radio and Learn to Fly. I say, “Well it’s a good thing they didn’t play either of those then. And they’re not their songs.” I feel rude but he knows I was only joking.

[Editor’s note: There are two Tom Petty songs called “Supernatural Radio” and “Learning to Fly”, which is where Doug must have gotten confused.]

Doppelgäng and the Heartbreakers
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