My buddy is watching The West Wing for the first time, and obviously he’s loving it. He’s only two seasons in but I told him it gets weirder and weirder as time goes on, and I’m not even talking about that storyline with you having a hit out on you, even though it was clearly unnecessary to go that far with it. I’m guessing the writers wanted to get you featured prominently, which was the right idea, but the far-fetched execution could have been improved. Either way, my buddy has a ways to go before season 5, but I accidentally let out a bit of a spoiler.

I mentioned how there was that attack on the president’s life, forcing Donna, Josh, and Bartlet to be locked together in a secret bunker under the Lincoln Monument. While Bartlet is fetching ice for their banana smoothies they were making after finding Lyndon Johnson’s old recipe, Donna and Josh can no longer contain their mutual desire. During their first passionate kiss, the president walks in, ice in bucket in hand, with a stern look on his face, but he says nothing. Josh immediately apologizes. “That was very inappropriate. I’m so sorry, sir.”

Bartlet grins and whips out his boogie knight and says, “You wanna do this? Let’s do this.” The three all strip down to their nethers and begin fondling each other like meathead methheads on a jungle gym. As you know, it all culminates with the unintentional line blurted out by the actress portraying Donna, that Sorkin was forced to leave in because of how authentic it felt, like Dicaprio’s hand injury in Django.

“Ah, Mom, give it a rest. I finally get to get it on with a POTUS and the guy who played that chipmunk fella from Billy Madison, and all you can think about is yourself! Munch a sack of cotton, ya wiggly little turdette.”

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