A new kid in town, probably Allan, keeps getting bounced around to different places because his dad is in the military. Allan never has enough time to make any real friends, and he’s shy anyway. His mom tells him they’ll be here for good now, but he’s heard that one before.

Allan’s looking out his window and sees a bunch of neighbourhood kids playing baseball. He wants to join them but the shyness keeps him from doing so.

But his mom sends him to the store to pick up milk and other store items – cheese possibly, definitely not bologna, though. On the way, one of the kids, the loud one of the group, probably Stogger, calls out to him, trying to get some information about where he came from, what he’s into, etc.

Allan thinks he’s getting mugged and hands Stogger his money. Stogger laughs and invites him to play ball with them. He said he’d like to but he’s in the midst of errand-running for his mom. If only he knew that his mom only sent him to the store to try to meet these kids to begin with – they had a gallon of milk in the fridge already, which Allan should have remembered from when he had a hard time pouring the heavy jug into his junky cereal that morning.

On his way back from the store, the neighbourhood kids are all mad because they lost their last ball over Old Mr. Wembley’s fence, and none of them are allowed in his yard because he’s a mean old man who hates kids.
Without considering the consequences, Allan says he’ll retrieve their ball. The other kids are in awe of this new little pipsqueak, none more than the cute girl in the group, Emily, who’s also a bit of a tomboy.

After hopping the fence, Allan is snatched by Wembley. The other kids scream and run away, while Wembley takes Allan inside, presumably to call his parents or eat him. But instead, Wembley shows little Allan how to make the best strawberry muffins around, and he’s never the same again.

[Editor’s note: The author is writing a series of plot summaries of movies he’s never seen. The above is for 1993’s The Sandlot.]
May 21 – Mr. T gets a plot summary of a movie never watched
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