Each era mines a different colour that comes to represent the time. This associated hue determines the design style of that period and reflects the overall sentiment. While it can be influenced by politics and technology, for the most part, the atmosphere imitates its surroundings to resonate throughout the culture.

Right now, in these nouveau 10s, we live in fluorescentish blue (#2493ab). Staring so deep so often into the laptop light, it is easy to see why. The overall political and economic landscape, shifting ever so slightly to the right and increasingly deifying wealth, envelops the world with a bright blue aura. The sky’s reflection is more distinct than it was in the past, and more and more of the fashionable outfits either contain a blue vibration or base their stain on a fabric that does.

The 1960s were a soft orange (#dd9334), burning outsiders and welcoming fire, an otherworldly flame to hold towards the idols of the time. Lighters and the disestablishment together pronounced the nearly burnt sienna. The 40s consisted of a grey (#6b6f70), from Milton Berle’s suits to his translated complexion on newly acquired televisions. Neon green (#34da0e) finally emerged in the 1980s, a bold change from the drab, listless brown of the 70s. The carpets became discos, the utility buildings shot out glow sticks, and radioactivity was more exciting than it was scary.

The land before time is a dark, muddled green (#113e15). As it all emerged from the ooze, this was the safest tone to usher us to the next level. The years encompassing the newest testament bleed an approximation of yellow (#ab9713), hinting at but never reaching gold. The near future has no alternative but to be a red wine (#780606), out of morbid curiosity and a necessary return to certain prehistoric problems. The deep crimson will tie us to the microscopic life, keeping us from disintegrating, forcing our assessment that we’re nothing without mutual relationships.

The far future will first consolidate, its tint pronouncing an amalgamation of every pigment, readying itself to appear as one as the world around it implodes and leaves nothing behind, leading to the ultimate colour of black (#000000) or white (#ffffff) . At that point, it will be too loud to discern with any degree of accuracy, and so we start again.

July 9 – Tom Hanks gets the colours of time
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