Laughter is superior to any alternative. For the most part. Obviously, there are certain laughs that lean heavily toward the spectra of placation, discomfort or insanity, and these need to be eliminated the once.

The polite laugh only serves as a haggard lie, allowing the recipient to errantly continue believing whatever they said was actually funny. A social construct in the name of acceptance, it gives the joke-attempting fool a momentary lifeline and the unwarranted confidence to continue without any effort going towards improving their sense of humour or awareness.

Then there’s the nervous laugh, a defensive manoeuver incited by fear of disapproval or the unknown. It often cannot be stopped until it runs its course, from blushing to denial to blushing about the blushing to understanding to fighting it to exhaustion.

The evil laugh, often used by unequivocal villains in fictional tales, itself is the complete antithesis of the true nature and value and beauty of laughter. It clarifies a character’s goal of destruction and scares the minions of which we’ve all been.

But of all these and more, there’s one laugh that will someday lead to the ruination of our nation. It’s brought upon by a jokester who, while fully understanding the impact of their actions, continues to incite this lowest form of laughter – by tickling.

Getting tickled, like really tickled, has to be the most frustrating experience of being a human being. The assailant, in the midst of an evil laugh themselves, forces their delicate fingers onto one of your trigger body parts, and with all the irritation you can muster, all you can do is accept defeat and laugh.

July 28 – Lori Loughlin gets the negative side of laughter
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