Sure, be against overseas military mobilization. And of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with advocating against the unrelenting ruin of our environment. Hell, it’s your right and almost duty to share your political stances with your neighbours.

But come on now. Let’s be reasonable. Are you against stop signs? Leave them out of your fight. The protest stickers littering our octagonal friends divert our attention from their primary purpose. The signs are pretty useful as they are, you know, to help drivers not fly through intersections and kill anyone in their way. So let’s end the desecration of our most useful post, post-haste.

Stop War – I agree. Stop Fascism – yes, yes. But also Stop Driving when you drive up to a stop sign so that you can don’t get in a car accident. And Stop Distracting me when I’m trying my damnedest to follow the rules of the road. And Stop Vandalizing government property. And Stop Piggybacking on a public expense to get your point across with a cheapo label. And Stop Confusing a prudent vehicle operator who might have accidentally had a few too many at dinner and briefly neglected to realize that a Stop Harper sign from years ago was actually a regular Stop sign and so they ended up hitting that old lady crossing at a crosswalk even though she’s too old to be out there by herself this late anyway on a Monday no less.

July 23 – Monica Lewinsky gets enlisted to stop the war on stop signs
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