My grandfather died when he was really young. He was only 35 at the time – died of a broken toe, because back then nobody knew how to cure anything, and they still couldn’t figure out where the toe was.
You don’t need to be sad. He would’ve been the oldest man in the world today if he was still around. Stop being sad, for jesus sake.

Him and my grandmother, apparently they loved each other more than anything. And as he was dying, on his bed of death, he had the gall to tell her not to remarry after he was gone.
He wanted this woman he supposedly loved to be a widow with five kids and no skills. How jealous did he have to be?

The problem was, after he died, she listened to him, because her love was real, and she never remarried.
But a couple of years after he died, he ended up getting reincarnated into another guy’s body, but still had the memory of his past life and his one true love.

So he finds my grandmother – this new guy with my grandfather’s soul does – and he tries to marry her or whatever, using powerful seduction tactics he picked up on his last go-around.

But she obviously doesn’t believe it’s her husband, because one time she said ghosts were interesting and my grandfather told her not to believe in the “silly supernatural”, so she didn’t anymore.

It’s life’s little ironies that keep things interesting. What a foible that turned out to be!

February 13 – Jerry Springer gets a poorly-executed reincarnation
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