Now I know you’re all cawed out at this point, but I have to tell you about these two crows who follow me to work every day from the train station. The walk takes about five minutes. Without fail, they join me at the same point, just outside the exit, next to a large pine tree. I don’t feed them or anything, so I’m not entirely sure why they chose me. It’s possible I’m their 9:00am escort and they have others throughout the day, but I feel giddy that maybe I’m the only one.

It gives me this sense of being a superhero, or at least a bank manager, that has these two crows come protect me and walk me to my office. A couple of people asked if they were my pet crows, as if people owned crows and took them for early morning walks. In a way, I guess they are.

February 11 – Sheryl Crow gets a tale of reliability and friendship
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