I want to be an old man on a park bench complaining about technology
I want to be a ????, lounging nervously under a ????????
I want to be a stick you use to eat those tiny ice creams, upon which a fly feasts
I want to be the fly
I want ???? ✌ to be declared, only to ???? it flounder under the red tape of bureaucracy
I want to ask the child what type of weapon he believes his stick to be, without being accused of pedophilia
I want children to learn how to get hurt before their bones and their spirits harden
I want to ???? like no one is ????
I want to ???? it all to the ground
I want to see Pulaski at night
I want to join forces with an ???? and trade war stories into the night
I want to trade war for stories
I want the ???? ???? to be full of ????????????

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