I forget.
Don’t be surprised. I always do.
I don’t care enough to remember every lie or half-truth I’ve ever told.
I can barely recall what I know to be true, true in the vaguest sense of the word.
This is still the most I will ever believe, but truth is relative, irrelevant, and decided by those in power.
The winner of a revolution erases the former truth, that of the defeated, which was born and established from the victory of their revolt.
The system reverts, back to its original incarnation, with a different group at the top.
This has continued, over and over, since the current sub-species the scientists tell us we belong to beat the Neanderthals in an unfair fight, an unbalanced conflict.
We believe astronomers, doctors, politicians, and other people, but only because we give them the benefit of the doubt that their expert ideas surpass our own.
They may, but keep in mind who and what they are answering to – the goals of their superiors.
The paycheque dictates the results, and more specifically the company that pays the person who signs them.
Kings, presidents, bosses – all leaders forcing their ideas on us, notions based on their own past and what they choose to believe.
And we accept this.

We are passive, we are weak.
I am passive, I am weak.

They want our lives to be as miserable as possible without causing an uprising, and I can’t blame them.
The less we have, the more the allocators of resources claim as their own.
So they keep those close to them as satisfied as possible without a coup, and this second level of the ministry does the same below them.
The government is a pyramid scheme, a tyrannical scam, with power as currency.
Money is only valuable if the workers still want it.
Absolute power corrupts not only the individual, but the system.
If the individual in total control had in his possession all of the money, all of the gold, a new currency would emerge as a replacement and the economy would begin again.
Cunning orators, hard workers, savvy men would effectively and unconsciously create and decipher the new system until a new order was established.
A future tense is used, but this has happened over and over since our cerebral cortices developed enough to allow for the simplest thought of ownership or winning.
The hope is to attain the level of someone respected and admired, but happiness is far more pronounced in those slightly more successful, in any way, than the people closest to them, in proximity and relations.
A competitor is essential, so we inherently crave competition.
Many assert that this perpetual cycle can be halted completely and we can abscond from our society to live, once again, off the land in a close, communal group.
But almost immediately, a new power struggle ensues, veiled by passivity and small numbers.
You know only what you chose to believe.

If you believe it all, your naivety becomes laughable to others, others whose acceptance you desire.
If you believe nothing, you become arrogant, ignorant in the world that we created together.

There is an ordered place on the chronological line where we all live, and we travel from side to side, trying to contextualize the idea in front of us.
The goal should be to maintain critical thought, but this is looked down upon, even in your own mind.

Obedience structures, structure obeys.

You don’t need to need something.
You need to think you do.
We all have our own morality to discover.
You have to be content with what you believe.
You can’t let someone else make you think you’re wrong simply by saying it.
If you don’t know about the past then it never happened.
So read, learn, understand.
Or remain ignorant to the negativity.

This last option is a valid choice, one we often choose.

Truth or Consequence
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