I’m in a school gym, after a scoreless game of basketball.

Late Night Mal (stuffing a bunch of books into her backpack): “I’m going to New York soon.”

Me: “When?”

Mal: “Like an hour?”

Me: “And you’re taking all those books?”

Mal: “Yeah, I’ll have some time to read.”

Me: “But you’ll probably want to pick up some new books in New York. Inevitably, you’ll see some vintage bookstore…”

I pause briefly.

Rajiv (half exasperated, knowing that I’m going to say something stupid or not thought through): Go on?

Me (trying to prove him wrong, but mainly just wanting to finish a thought): “…that George Carlin used to fre-quent.” [mid-dialogue Editor’s note: This last word was pronounced ‘free-kwent’, not ‘free-quint’.]

Rajiv (satisfied, goes back to what he was doing): “Alright, well done.”

What’s the Fre-quent-cy, Carlin?
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