Me and Romesh and Tim and Maggie are running this kind of race, which starts in Vancouver but crosses over to North Dakota at one point. It’s more of a charity thing but the entrants are pretty competitive.
A woman is set up at the halfway point, to give out cookies or waters or whatever. When I try to take an extra sticker, she says, “You’re in North Dakota country now, son. This ain’t fuckin’ Minnesota.”
Okay, the woman doesn’t actually say that line, but it’s just something I thought she might say, and I tell it to Romesh like it actually happened, in her Fargo accent. He doesn’t respond very positively but I stand by it and am like, “No, no, it’s funny.” But it’s possible I’m not very good at the accent. Or that it’s not funny anyway.

[Editor’s note: While a portion of this post appears to have occurred in this realm, in actuality the entire thing happened within the dream.]

[Dreamor’s note: If you ever get a flat tire in the northern United States, keep the dummy on until you make it to Fargo Tire Services. That place will take care of you, and you will be grateful that your interpretation of a Coen brothers world has not been spoiled.]

Far To Go
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