Avril Lavigne is visiting South Park, from Japan, where she’s from. She’s a big Canadian pop star, obviously, and she’s driving a transport truck, in the fog, with her big hands. Turning Japanese is barely audible, coming from the radio. She can’t see where she’s going, because of the fog and also because her big hands on the wheel are obscuring the view.

She’s just picked up a load in Canada and is dropping it off here. She meets John Goodman & Steve Buscemi at a diner. A truckers diner. They’re identical twins and she confuses them, because they’re in movies together all the time, and because they’re twins. She’s so mixed up that she orders the key lime pie.
Buscemi talks about how hard it is to be a grown up child actor. Goodman hates getting confused with Steve Belushi, who may or may not be named Jim or John Belushi. Magnolia is playing in the background on a TV at the bar. Avril gives them a ride, after hearing that their truck broke down. They go towards Denver, through North Dakota, which is really foggy like Saskatchewan.

They get a flat tire. So they go camping. All the trees are pineapple trees. Avril starts showing excellent skills of chopping up pineapples while telling British jokes, most political or related to tax evasion, in fancy ways. All along the way somehow they see that God, the designer, is hastily designing the road in front of them. He has deadlines and remembers what happened last time, with the earthquakes or whatever. God doesn’t have time for Bill Hader and resorts to pixelated construction. “Guys, I gotta hurry up, I’m really busy.”

We go back to Avril. Goodman and Buscemi are clapping and dancing around. They’re Mexicans now. They don’t know where they’re going, and neither does God. Eventually they find out where all the garbage goes, to a Texas-sized landfill in the middle of the South Pacific. She drives as far as she can go until nobody yells at her anymore. Aliens pop out, but don’t yell at her. People are growing people inside their bellies, and they jump out and yell at her so she cries a little. Gwen Stefani brings her Harijuku girls to save the day with their Japanese babydoll look. And she has a skateboard. At the landfill, she finds a truck full of skateboards and nickels and her entire career. They all eat phosphorous cashews while guessing where all Harry Potter actors are from. Their mouths all burn in unison. Avril, Goodman and Buscemi fall down the apples and pears and head to bed because they’re cream crackered.

September 4 – Whitney Cummings gets a spec South Park episode’s collaborative synopsis
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