We need reminders.

You can be certain of an idea and believe it wholly, and then it drifts away when a distraction takes its place.

You can knock the distraction away as quick as it came, but by that time there’s a new distraction for the distraction and finding your way back to the original idea is absurdly futile.

Read A Man Without a Country.

Then set a reminder in your digital calendar to read it again a year from now.

You should be able to get through it in one sitting, preferably in a hammock near a clump of trees as the sun is going down.

The digital calendar reminder is not the reminder I’m saying we need.

The words in the book are the reminder we need.

The reminding notification for the true reminder is only for convenience.

Although just as easily you could have the actual book on your bookshelf and maybe once a year it will stick its own spine out a little further than usual and invite you to pick it up and go sit in a hammock near a clump of trees as the sun goes down, down, down.

October 28 – Caitlyn Jenner gets reminded
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