A long, not that long time ago, a young boy and dainty girl bumped into each other and liked each others smiles because they had the two best smiles in the world. They held hands and talked about stuff then smushed their downstairs bits together for fun.

They laughed together – oh, how they laughed – and one time he made a funny face and she laughed so hard milk popped out of her nose. And she never even drank milk before or since!

Later, he picked some flowers in the park, and he was happy the whole time to give them to her. But on his way home, he got lost. He turn a left when he should have zagged, and he woke up in an empty field. He got so scared being alone in this world that he jumped up real high and floated right out of it. Finally, after holding his breath and finding the funniest constellations, he landed on the moon and looked for interesting things to do. In his search, he could only find moon rocks, and boy were they boring².

She waited for him back home, but after a while she couldn’t wait around any more, so she went to Fredericton where she started hanging out with a bunch of lawyers with fancy suits and big words. He stayed on the moon, because he couldn’t jump high enough¹ to jump out of the moon atmosphere.

She stayed where she was and was kind of happy but still she always looked up during the night, looked right at the moon for hours and days. It helped her think better and made her happy for some reason she couldn’t explain, and she didn’t even know he was up there!

He thought about her a million times but kept losing count. Then he thought about her real hard one time and the thought bubble got so big that it turned into a real bubble that he got inside. The bubble didn’t care one bit about gravity and it burst out of the moon air, through all that black stuff and back into regular air. He slept the whole way and snored for most of it but woke up right when it popped right when it hit the ground. He looked straight ahead and there was the dainty girl who helped make the spaceship thought bubble just by being alive.

They mushed their downstairs bits together one more time and this time they did such a good job that a tiny empress appeared out of nowhere and smiled. She had half of the girl’s smile and half of the boy’s smile so it was the best smile in the world.

The now older boy and still dainty girl picked up the little empress for good and the three of them ran into the empty field where they smell flowers and jump together but they don’t jump too high in case they float away like in that dreadful moon incident from before.

¹ [even after Stu’s jump plan]

² [they were]

The inception of the storyboard
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