I’m the other kind of robot. Not the dutiful cog in the elaborated system, whose rigid movements are dictated by the unrepentant desire to acquire currency, to purchase assets, to attract a mate. With a better car than the neighbours, surface friends, and obedience until the end. Not the one bound by the legal system and the lobbyists who molded it into what it is today, the one intent on questioning nothing and following the status quo. I’m not the robot whose thoughts cannot extend beyond what is taught, so afraid – and with good reason – of the questions and answers of life and death which he pretends do not exist. He is happy. No, he is content. It is easy to live this way. But doesn’t it make more sense to accept all interactions as a dream state, acknowledging the stimuli, external and internal, that determine what we do, where we go, who we connect with, what we want. Accepting this is not enlightening, and ir doesn’t grant you positivity or optimism, but it is the way it is. Accept it and you will understand your decisions better. Listen to your body and it will guide you to where you should go. But do not drop out, by pleading insanity due to wisdom, because the game that we are playing is fun, and as long as we have the capacity to participate, we should. We subconsciously decide which game we want to play: the corporate lawyer, the theatre director, the bodybuilder, the louse, the awkward, the motivated. The difference is there is no winning, other than finding and experiencing happiness wherever you can. Money is not winning, but more important is that the desire for money is losing. The luckiest ones play many games at different times. Act on inspiration, but shepherd the reactions you’re supposed to have. Surround yourself with positive energy that comes from engaging weather, nice people, smart people, happy people. Unfortunate outcomes are inevitable. Learn to manage them better. They cannot take over. If you’re unable to change something, let the situation wash over you, allow your body to feel whatever it is programmed to feel, then move on.

I’m the other kind of robot. The one that goes beep boop.

May 12 – Rami Malek gets a robotic understudy
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