I have a neat little knick-knack for you, in the form of a new illusion you can play on your friends and acquaintances. It’s one my father taught me years ago when I was just a wee child. For it to work, what you do is take the knuckles on your index and middle fingers and place them on either side of someone’s nose. Then, and here’s where it gets a little complicated, you pull back, lightly touching the tip of their nez, while covertly slipping your thumb between the two knuckles we just talked about. Then comes the climax, as you show them your resulting hand configuration and proclaim loudly and proudly, “Got your nose!”

Most people stand in shock, understandably, until it is revealed that you haven’t actually removed their nose. It’s a useful trick for picking up women as well as entertaining at parties.

February 27 – Derren Brown gets a new illusion he can try out on his friends before he takes it to the big time
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