I’m at Leah’s wedding. John Lou is there, and Peter wants to leave.

This American Life is recording next door, and Leah gets Act Two, although it’s not about the wedding. The story is about the bug collecting she did with April years ago. She’s a bit upset she didn’t get the third story, since it’s about a baby. I consider I could have stories for all three acts: Nibs, Satched and Cancer.

We start talking about jobs. Leah mentions she used to be in digital marketing and was a search specialist for a couple of years. I tell her I work in that field, which surprises her, much like how it surprises me.

Someone gives her a dog and it’s awarded “Present of the Day”.

I approach a baby named Carnage. He’s very cute and starts telling story about himself. I joke that it sounds rehearsed and he gets a bit defensive. A crazy tongue emerges from his mouth and snaps me on the head, waking me up.

Present of the Day
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