I’m with Kelly, Tim, Nico and Zach Condon.

I blurt out, “You just have your own damn information, don’t you?

I am ignored. So I move on, and whisper to Zach, “Now you’re an interesting earner.” He’s confused, so I elaborate at full volume, ”We used to play soccer together.”

Zach: “Wait, you’re from Newfoundland?”

Me (putting on my incredible Manitoba accent): “Nope, Man-i-to-ba.”

The discussion turned to our names, and surprisingly, Zach says, “Now I liked my last name growing up.”

Tim asks, “Cooper?”

Zach: “Yeah, I bought a Mini car. So that when I got my soccer picture taken, I could have my name on the ⚽.”

Nico interrupts: “I want to spend more time sneaking little jokes into people’s houses who do acid.”

Me: “That’s all I want to do.”

I wake up in St. John’s¹.

Kelly will be pissed and won’t believe how I got there.

I focus really hard and finally manage to teleport back.

¹ [Dreamor’s note: Usually when I mention that I woke up, it’s waking up into another dream. This is one of those cases as well.]

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