We’re in the back of a car, and Ange Stokes asks me what I think of Freddie Baker.
I always thought Freddie was alright, is my neutral answer.
“I was thinking of inviting him to my party on Friday.”
Well, with that you need to consider if you also want to invite half of Buckmaster’s Circle.
I provide some more examples.
“I mean, of course you’d like it if Ashley Reddy showed up, but she lives in the blocks, so if those b’ys hear about it, look out.
Like, I hope Leslie Pope comes to my cabin. As long as you’re okay with Katie Harnum coming, and then Katie Mercer, and then the Gonzaga b’ys.”
[Dreamor’s note: I meant Ashley Murphy, not Reddy. And even the Ashley Reddy I was talking about was the other Ashley Reddy, the one who used to go out with Matthew Jewczyk.]

Half of the Circle

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