There are many more films that I’d like for you all to see. However, in order to keep this list reasonable and accessible, the following can all be watched on Canadian Netflix. They are sorted by unidentified category, alphabetically. (Last updated November 2017)

Category I

Category II

Category III

Category IV (uncategorized)

[Editor’s note: We are aware of the high number of Noah Baumbach films. His people don’t seem to mind if Canadians watch his stuff, so that’s nice. Anyway, While We’re Young isn’t on the list, even though it could be. And nobody’s complaining about the Coen Brothers being all over it too. Oh yeah, and any sequels you see, watch the first ones first. But I shouldn’t have to tell you that. You’re all very bright. Even you. Especially you. But especially you. Okay, now focus. Watch some movies. Start with Category 1 please.]

[Author’s note: While Love and Mercy does deserve to be included here, I do have one gripe with the film, which you can read about in Filmic Concerns.]

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