A number of episodes of a future webseries titled “Brunch” have been written down. The show centres around a group of friends in their mid-twenties who regularly meet for brunch at different restaurants in their neighbourhood. Each episode takes place over the course of a single meal. The dialogue is meant to be natural enough, with interruptions, overlapping and unfinished thoughts. Mostly the characters tell stories, joke around and riff on different ideas, with a loose arc as a trivial afterthought. They discuss the previous night, the meal they’re eating, recent events in their lives, and nothing of consequence. If you would like to read a particular script in order to provide comments, criticism or to briefly distract yourself from the inevitability of death, please select the preferred selectable episode title below:

  1. Cig Brunch Bar
  2. Brunchausen
  3. Brunchkins
  4. Brunch Drunk Love
  5. Brunchdel Test
  6. Brunchies
  7. Brunch in the Time of Corona
  8. Drunch (anticipated release date: March 17, 2022)

Vidjas — my friends take my limited direction and make Brunch their own

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