Good morning.

I wake up at 7:00am, a half hour before my alarm, the iPhone preset Sencha, goes off.

I open the patio door to check the weather, and as expected, the sun’s rays hit me in a windless fury, and my eyes follow a bird, flying left to right, until it disappears. Toast is staring at me with his head tilted sideways, waiting for me to ask him if he’s hungry. When I do, he runs around in circles, and then when I open the fridge, he taps the drawer containing his food.

After feeding him, I listen to a podcast as we go for a walk around the neighbourhood, the mid-point being a local bakery where I take a free sample of a scone before buying a croissant.

Kelly is usually waking up as we return, and I start making us breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, the croissant and some orange juice. She will then hop in the shower as I read for a few minutes on the deck drinking a cup of black tea.
Then I get a shower and walk ten minutes to work, listening to a couple of songs on the way, arriving at 9:00am.

I avoid saying hi to anyone as I head to my cubicle, where I sit for several hours, answering emails and people who stop by periodically, all with no stress.

At recess time, 10:45am, I go to the kitchen and make a bowl of oatmeal containing cashews and banana, which I eat at my desk.

At 1:00pm, I grab my work computer and make my way home, taking advantage of the bike share station outside my office. I greet Toast by saying his name and nicknames a number of times, feed him, then eat my lunch, leftovers from the previous night. Then we go for another walk as I finish my podcast from the morning.

On my return to the house, I make a cappuccino and find some chocolate in my snack drawer, consuming them both while sitting on the patio.

At 2:00pm, I hook the computer up to the big screen and sit at my desk in the living room. I do essentially the same tasks as in the morning, only a little slower, and with no actual people around. At 5:00pm, I close the laptop and do not think about work for the rest of the day.

After feeding the dog, I cook supper, with music on in the background, and alone at the table I’ll eat the food and then take my pills.

We go for another walk, this time to a nearby park where he’s able to run off-leash and play with other dogs. I distance myself from the other pet owners who gather to discuss the peculiarities of their dogs.

Back at the house, I hook my personal computer up to the big screen and start writing. At some point, I pick up my guitar and play a few songs. Eventually I watch an episode of a television show, and when that’s over I get in the bath and listen to an album.

After drying off, I brew a cup of herbal tea and drink it while reading a book in my oversized recliner.

Kelly will come home, and I’ll stay in the chair and listen to her and Toast being very excited to see each other. We all watch a show together on the bed, and I fall asleep at 11:00pm.

Good night.

[Author’s note: My old life was a little more random, more adventurous, more strange, more more more. Then came the settling down. These days, most days are pretty much the same. I like this, because I like the days. Above is a day in the life. Day day day.]

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