As we both sit here, I want an iced coffee, but with none of the diluting ice. You see what I want is hot coffee, boiling hot, and then I want to wait, for as long as it takes, for it to get very cold. There can be no cheating by using an ice box or one of those new ice boxes that you plug in, unless you also plugged in old ice boxes, but I don’t think you did because i think ice boxes existed before plugs. How did they make ice before plugs? If they did. They likely travelled up North, extracted large chunks of ice, then ran South really quickly before the ice melted, and then threw it in people’s fresh martinis or on other people’s fish so they could save it until Winter, when the real ice came. Do you like coffee too? The world wants to know.

February 6 – Tom Brokaw gets a specific desire for an iced coffee
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