Our main character Allan is essentially a passive bystander in his own life. He never speaks and barely communicates. Each episode he finds himself in a wildly different situation, with a whole new set of characters. There’s never any reference to the earlier episode, and each one has an entirely different tone, based on the current environment. The situation changes, while he stays the same. As he glides between these stories, he picks up tokens that stay with him throughout his adventures. Sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose, and sometimes both, he ends up with a dog, a ring made out of the top of a bottle, or he loses a button on his shirt, or he forgets all words containing the letter ‘p’. Nothing is sacred, but nothing seems to be that big of a deal either.

  1. Allan is in prison, having gotten there through a series of unfortunate circumstances that will reveal itself at some point. He’s forced into escaping by his new cellmate, who’s just finishing up a tunnel. At the end of the episode, the other person and all of their police pursuers die in a shootout. Allan, unsure of what to do, takes a single step forward and falls down a pipe, signalling the end of the escape and the start of the rest of his life.
  2. Allan, on the other side of pipe, finds himself in the middle of the forest, surrounded by vicious dogs. Immediately he develops an inadvertent command over the pack, mostly shown to the viewer as a series of stares between him and the dogs. After developing a weird but asexual relationship with one of the female dogs, they leave the forest together.
  3. Allan, at the edge of the forest, is now in a park with the dog, who has become a regular dog now. A circle of young people are sitting around, playing croquet and drinking beer. The dog acts as an icebreaker, and Allan ends up hanging out with them. They’re all having a laugh, with Allan remaining as he is. Eventually, he’s guided to dinner at a restaurant. On his way to the bathroom, the manager stops him, assuming he’s the new dishwasher.
  4. Allan is a dishwasher. We observe life in a kitchen, fast-paced, immature jokes, complaints about diners. One of the waitresses Jillian is having a crisis with her boyfriend, and Allan overhears her on the phone. She comes up to him after and explains her whole life to him. Allan remains blank, which she mistakes for listening. She kisses Allan and thanks him for being there, for being sweet, then stares at him as if she just made him her boyfriend.
  5. Allan is sitting at a table in a house that he lives in, wondering how he got there. Jillian flies into the room yelling, first about work, then about politics, then about Allan never contributing to their relationship. She storms out of the house, knocking over a candle when the door slams. A fire starts, and Allan can’t do anything but sit there, as the room and eventually he becomes engulfed in flames, burning to death, silently, as his body turns to ash in front of us.
December 10 – Emmanuelle Chriqui gets an innocent bystander
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