This whole life thing becomes increasingly mind-blowing the more you think about it. I am fully shocked that we’re not all freaking out all of the time, purely based on the incredibility of the world. Let’s begin with the overall idea of science – the eternal foe of religion. As an aside, even religion is pretty amazing. Inventing a story and convincing people to believe it’s what actually happened, based on nothing more than a little charisma and the desire of the believers to not think too profoundly about the world around them, that takes some real passion.

But back to science. Does everyone here know about science? Because science, let me tell you, if you don’t know about it, is astronomically astonishing. Gravity is part of science. And magnets too. The sun even! Science, hey?

Although, now that I think about it, for practically everything we know, we accept because scientists claim they have an explanation for it, backed up by other scientists. They write equations and theories, and as long as it’s not disproved, we take it as the way it is. None of us understand the scribblings of the brainiacs, but we give them credit, often because we don’t want to come up with our own reasons for being.

First we knew the world was flat. Now we know it’s definitely not. Then we knew Pluto was a planet. And then we knew it definitely wasn’t. And now we know it definitely is again, thank god. If nobody told us to begin with, it wouldn’t have affected any of our lives in any meaningful way. But still we act like the planetary status of Pluto is important to us.

People lately are always feeling bad for Pluto, ever since the confusion over where it belongs astronomically. But what about feeling bad for me?

Astrologically, the planet is about transformation, regeneration and rebirth. Also astrologically, astrology is all made up. Even when space crystals are involved. Especially when space crystals are involved.

We take other people’s words for everything. Remember when Marilyn Manson was Paul from the Wonder Years? That’s not true now either. Nobody knows anything, and yeah, scientists, I’m including you in there.

April 26 – Jemima Kirke gets a scientific discovery
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